Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did someone say decrepit?

Miss Information was noticing this week that her hair is more blonde than usual. Practically a white-blonde, in fact. Miss Information was putting this down to chlorine in the water, too much time in the sun, etc.

Last night she went to renew her gym membership. She had a nice chat with the lady on the counter and with the gym manager. It all went well until the counter woman went to tally up the charges. She peered at Miss Information intently. "Hmmmm," she said. "Are you eligible for the seniors rate?"

For the record, no, Miss Information is not eligible for the seniors rate and will not be for oh, a decade.

The woman on the counter wasn't a young 'un either. She probably was eligible for the seniors rate. Maybe her eyes are bad--like Miss Information's.

Sigh. The next time someone offers her a seniors' discount she's going to take it.


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