Friday, April 13, 2007

Miss Information is annoyed by the crazies

The crazies couldn't wait for Friday the Thirteenth and they all showed up one day early.

It was a pretty peaceful week. Oh, sure everyone was cranky, super cranky, but nothing really annoying had happened, even on Wednesday.

Then Thursday all the crazy people showed up. And they brought friends.

Crazy Gorilla Lady came by for a visit. Miss Information likes gorillas; she thinks they’re cool. Crazy Gorilla Lady takes gorilla obsession to a whole new level. Miss Information has some very odd obsessions. Generally she finds these embarrassing and hides them from the world. Not so Crazy Gorilla Lady who regularly visits the library looking for updates on her favourite gorillas around the world.

Crazy Gorilla Lady is not good with computers and to make things even more irritating had forgotten her glasses. Could Miss Information please read the web site to her? Since it wasn’t busy, Miss Information agreed. That is how she learned that Joe the gorilla is on acid reflux medication. She thinks Joe the gorilla give up coffee and stop worrying about his relatives in Rwanda. Maybe take some time off, go on a vacation…

Later, Miss Information spotted a new customer. She has spent years fine-tuning her crazy-dar and she could sense something about him was not quite right. It was subtle and she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Perhaps it was the way he was skipping around, talking to himself, gesturing wildly. She offered to help him—not that there was any possibility of help for this guy. She asked if he had a question. He did. Did Miss Information think that an organism that used less than 300 processes was a simple organism? Miss Information had never thought about it. Did he want to look at some biology books? She could show him some books. No. He wanted to chit chat about the digestive system of the pig. Did he want books about pigs or digestive systems? She could show him some books. No. He wanted books about Michael Jordan. Um. Ok. She showed him some books.


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Woeful said...


I can totally relate to the reading of the website. Your new customer, sounds like he could make for some excellent blog fodder. It's a double-edged sword isn't it? You don't really want him to come back, yet in a way you do want him to come back... (when you're not busy - LOL).

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a fine line between making fun of people who are "crazy" and can be quite funny and making fun of people who are mentally ill and may also be quite funny. Who's to know where the line is or what the difference is?

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous dutiful daughter said...

Dutiful has dealt in the past with a patron who is obsessed with T.E. Lawrence and chickens. Not necessarily together, but preferably. This is unique among obsessions as far as she knows.


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