Saturday, April 09, 2005

Miss Information has an annoying Saturday

A charming urchin (how Miss Information loves children!) aged about 4 or 5 approched the desk.

"Do you got money?" he asked.

What an adorable child! Thanks for asking. Miss Information has a savings account, a diversified portfolio, a sensible retirement plan, and a bunch of cash stashed in her sock drawer just in case and a fairly secure job so she's doing ok financially. So sweet of you to be concerned, dear heart.

"I want money," the youngster continued.

Honestly, kids today! Do you see what Miss Information is doing here? She's working. It isn't enough to want money (god knows if it were, she'd never get out of bed) you actually have to earn money.

Miss Information gave him a shove in the direction of the financial planning books.

Later that day, as if life could get any more annoying, the big, scary, racist guy who was once banned from library premises for being a big, scary, racist guy told Miss Information that she was looking really good.

Well, that's just fucking fantastic. She is aware that she's a fine example of Aryan womanhood, but being hit on by big, scary, racist guys is simply too depressing for words.


At 9:28 PM, Blogger QOS said...

well, perhaps only being hit on by drunken fraternity boys isn't so bad after all. . .


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