Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Miss Information is annoyed at the circ desk

Once a week, Miss Information gets to spend a frustrating and depressing afternoon at the circulation desk. She doesn't know where anything is and she can't remember any of the commands so she spends most of the time trying not to run screaming back to Reference. (No one would notice the screaming, by the way.)

While she was working at circ yesterday, a man wearing a big furry scarf approached the desk. The scarf should have been a clue that things were not quite right, as the day was positively balmy for November. He wanted to use the photocopier but didn't have the right kind of library card. Miss Information whipped him up a new photocopier-friendly card, pleased that she knew exactly how to do that.

When she handed him his new library card, the man practically burst into tears. It seems he really really liked his old card. He didn't want a new card. He was heartbroken at losing his old friend.

Miss Information has a cold. She can't cope with insanity this week.


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