Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Miss Information is annoyed about the US election

...still. But she figures it's really none of her business anyway.

Even so, she has a message for the president.

President Bush, Miss Information wishes you all the best in your new term. There is, however one teensy thing you could do for her. Just once she would like you to pronounce the word "nuclear" properly. It's pronounced "nu-cle-ar" not "nuke-u-lar". She knows your father pronounced it "nuke-u-lar" too, so she doesn't really hold it against you. But seeing that you could potentially destroy the planet with nuclear weapons, she'd really feel better if you started calling them by the proper name.

What Miss Information thought about in Corpse Pose
Miss Information had a moment of perfect clarity tonight in corpse pose. She realized she had set the timer on the VCR incorrectly. Because she has so much new found tranquility, she decided that it didn't matter.
She then wondered if the pain in her chest was a heart attack or just a pulled muscle from incorrectly doing triceps dips in her step class.
Then she thought about food.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Daniel H said...

Say quickly three times:

The ministrating nucular relator went to the liberry in febuary.

- The Precision Blogger


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