Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miss Information is having like the most annoying day ever

Unfortunately it's not over yet.

Miss Information has not been sleeping well lately but the day started out ok with lots of kitty cuddling. And then so very quickly the good times were over.

Her first realization that the day was not going to be a happy one was when she realized her car keys were missing. Her mom, Mrs Information had borrowed her car. She returned the car, but not the car keys. Miss Information easily tracked down her mom and the keys, but this involved a longer walk than was recommended in those shoes. Also, it meant she was about an hour late for work.

Miss Information spent the morning putting bandaids on her blisters and trying to get ahead of the piles of work which had grown a ridiculous amount in the lost hour.

At some point Miss Information heard the sound of an unmuted computer. She gave the guy a minute to correct the problem, when that didn't happen she went over to help.

The guy for some reason took it all quite personally. Miss Information tried very hard to be polite, she was sorry for disturbing him but he needed to mute that computer. Maybe the headphones were plugged into the wrong jack. Let's work together to fix the situation!

Unmuted Guy did not wish to be friends. He became quite hostile. Miss Information apologized for upsetting him. Really, she didn't want to upset him. Nevertheless he was upset and became abusive. Miss Information was having a crappy day and this made her cranky. Actually, come to think of it though, and although it was sort of unprofessional, she is NOT sorry she told him to go fuck himself. He started it.

One of the other patrons/bystanders told her she did the right thing. So there.

Then Unmuted Guy went outside and screamed on the front steps for awhile. Seems volume control is an ongoing issue with him. Security was notified. Miss Information was waiting patiently for this to play out when the phone rang.

She answered it. What could go wrong? The person on the phone was polite but argumentative. He didn't care for her answers to any of his thousand questions. They chitchatted briefly about a government website but he wouldn't get specific about what he wanted to know. He needed information about services. What kind of services? All the services for seniors. Ok. Miss Information started to describe the services for seniors. The man took exception to that. It was too restrictive. Some services might be of interest to young people and seniors, like fall prevention.

Sure. Whatever. Miss Information informed Polite But Argumentative that it might be best for him to come in and see the website for himself. Oh that sounded dandy to the guy. When was the library open?

Miss Information knows this answer. She told him. The man replied that he didn't believe her. He accused her of intentionally misleading him by not telling him about public holidays. Ok. Miss Information clarified. The library is open these hours, unless it happens to be a public holiday in which case the library is closed. The beer store is also closed on public holidays. Miss Information is happy it is not a public holiday today. She might be requiring a trip to the beer store soon.

He became obsessed with the hours of the library, insisting that Miss Information tell him all the days the library would be open...for eternity. He probably has a busy schedule. Miss Information patched the caller through to a supervisor after the man decided he needed to know all about the library's contract with its building contractor.

It's really a miracle she doesn't tell more patrons to go fuck themselves.


At 1:35 AM, Blogger Josh said...

The beer store?!


At 6:14 AM, Blogger Likestrek said...

You can tell patrons to fuck themselves? If I had only known this years ago! Thanks for the tip!

At 10:54 PM, Blogger JamiSings said...

Lucky, I wish I could tell the patrons to fuck themselves sometimes.

I'm thinking about learning Yiddish so I could curse at them in that and it's what my great-grandparents spoke anyway. Though maybe Klingon would be better because it's made up and the more annoying ones are Star Wars fans, not Trekkies like myself.


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