Saturday, August 14, 2004

Miss Information is annoyed about...stereotypes

Miss Information is not a librarian but she plays one at work, so when she read an article in her local newspaper on emerging trends in her beloved footwear industry, she was horrified to discover that it contained incorrect and outdated information about library workers and their shoes.

The article raised the possibility that round-toed shoes may be coming into fashion replacing the current pointy-toed variety. Miss Information welcomes this trend because she could never wear those poky things. Oh, sure, she agrees that they make some feet appear slender and dainty but alas, on her, they merely give the illusion of some poor sap who’s missed the turnoff to the ski slope.

The writer of the article commented that this round-toed look would never catch on because “who wants to look like a librarian?”

Miss Information, who owns a massive collection of absolutely divine shoes, has had just about enough of this sort of thing. She thinks that Laura Bush has done a huge disservice to library staff everywhere by dressing like the Mayberry town librarian circa 1974 and she would like the world to know that today’s library workers are fabulously stylish people who do not wear skirts with sneakers. Well, most of them don’t, anyway.

She would also like to mention that, contrary to popular belief, many of her library colleagues swear like sailors and almost never faint when viewing pornography.


At 10:28 PM, Blogger Nike said...

If people were smart everyone would want to look like librarians. After all we do rule. In point of fact we are "all-knowing and all-seeing. We bring order to chaos ...preserve every aspect of human culture."


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