Saturday, July 17, 2004

Miss Information is annoyed about...other people

Miss Information is truly a sensitive (some might even say over-sensitive) soul and her tender spirit was crushed by a recent comment about one of her postings on refgrunt.  The correspondent was critical of Miss Information’s handling of the described incident and implied that she should work to improve her customer service skills.
Miss Information is facing the criticism as bravely as she can and is attempting to go on with her life.  She sometimes forgets that not everyone shares her stinging sense of humour and it makes her very sad.  She also believes that some people take their jobs and themselves far too seriously.  A sense of humour is this season’s must have accessory-- far more important than a DVD player. 

Therefore Miss Information begs those of you who gather here to please please please not take anything on this page seriously because that would surely break her heart.


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