Friday, September 27, 2013

Miss Information is annoyed away from work

Miss Information is having the most annoying vacation ever. She wanted to have a little time away from the library, read books in coffee shops, go to the gym and generally regroup.

Here's what she did instead.

Monday: spent the day waiting for the phone company guy to come and fix her phone so it can receive, not just make, calls. At one point the phone company guy needed to go into the basement and look for wires, which turned out to be inaccessibly buried in the ceiling. While they were looking, Miss Information noticed that the hose-thing that attaches the hot water tap to the washing machine was leaking so...

Tuesday: Miss Information spent the day trying to remove a very corroded nut from the end of the hose-thing. The nut, which has probably been there since the Salem witch hunts, has a crack (hence the leak), but resists any effort to remove it. 

Wednesday: see Tuesday but with added swearing and more toxic material

Thursday: Miss Information is woken up by the dudes who are going to waterproof her basement. After they'd dug everything possible to dig, they packed off and Miss Information headed to the cafe to do some reading. It went well. She did notice a wasp flying around where she was sitting and wondered briefly about capturing it and taking it to freedom. Then she thought briefly about it maybe not being a good idea to leave her bag open on the window ledge. Then she read her book and forgot about the wasp and the bag. Eventually all good things come to an end and she decided to leave the coffee shop and head to the grocery store. She reached into her bag for her car keys and, don't say you didn't see this coming, was stung by a wasp. Miss Information has been bitten by many things but this was her first wasp and it really hurt. By the time she finished her grocery shopping (because a little insect bite isn't going to slow her down), her finger was swollen up like a cigar. Oh, and because Miss Information had felt like going to her favourite out-of-town coffee shop she was now way far from home and in pain. She did manage to get home where she spent the rest of the day with a baking soda paste on her finger. Fortunately, there was a Breaking Bad marathon on so it wasn't like she wasn't entertained. 

Friday: Finger is no longer swollen but still hurts. Oh, and good news! The construction guys have found some other places to dig! Unfortunately one of those places was a bee-home. Bees have been living under Miss Information's front yard for years and now their hive (?) has been destroyed. Miss Information feels terrible about this. She worries quite a lot about colony collapse disorder but never thought she'd be directly responsible for homeless bees. Although Miss Information knows that bees don't usually sting, they do seem to be quite annoyed about this development and are flying around looking menacing.

Fortunately, Miss Information returns to work on Tuesday and gets away from all this peaceful home stuff.


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Kathryn E. said...

Sorry your week's been nasty. But don't fret too much about the bees--they'll swarm and find a new home. Happened recently in my neighborhood. And pretty cool to watch!


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