Thursday, August 08, 2013

Miss Information is in hell

Ok. First it's August. Lots of staff members are on vacation. Then there was a holiday on Monday and clearly all the patrons spent the day coming up with new ways to be annoying in the library because there has been no end to the idiocy this week. Not to mention that it's some kind of open house with balloons and screaming children. Also, today is World Cat Day and Miss Information is here with the annoying people and their screaming children and their balloons instead of being home with her awesome cat.

This sucks!

Miss Information was all set to write about the man who was angry about the lack of a fax machine or the woman who couldn't follow simple directions but then this afternoon a woman who should have been at home playing with her cat or just at home won the Most Evil Patron contest. Everyone else can stop trying. And go home. Please. Go Home.

Miss Information is helping a woman order opera DVDs when another woman arrives. She sighs. She puts her laptop down on the counter and sighs some more. Lots of people bring their laptops so they can get help with eBooks and most of them sigh, so Miss Information isn't too concerned.

The woman is frustrated, it's clear. Miss Information cleverly deduced this from years of careful observation and her innate understanding of human behaviour. Also Laptop Woman was pounding on the desk. Pounding On The Desk. Many less knowledgeable people would have missed this subtlety.

Opera DVD Woman made a hasty retreat leaving Miss Information alone with Laptop/Desk Pounding Woman. L/DPW is upset because the library wifi is slow. Yeah. That sucks. That certainly is a good reason to start pounding on the library's desk, except that it isn't. Unless you are an 8 year old. Even then most 8 year olds would be more philosophical than this twit.

Fortunately Miss Information was relieved by another staff member because she had a meeting to attend. Her colleague later informed her that the woman never did get her wireless issues worked out but there was no further punching of furniture. 

Happy World Cat Day to all. 


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This is fantastic!


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