Thursday, March 03, 2011

Miss Information is an innocent bystander

The new library has a group of patrons Miss Information refers to as the "Old Guy Film Club". They are old guys who borrow a lot of DVDs and like to discuss their various medical problems with the staff. There are several members of the club.

So, Old Guy #2, the guy with the lists came in. He's the old guy with the endless list of movies he wants to check. Miss Information had gotten to number 3215 when a woman came to the desk. Old Guy #2 turned to her and asked if she wanted to cut in line but she declined and settled in for a long wait. She took off her coat and began fanning herself with a magazine.

"Are you hot, my dear?" asked Old Guy #2.
"Yep," the woman replied.
Old Guy #2 studied her closely and then said in a booming voice:
"You're probably having a hot flash. It's something that happens to women at menopause. Yep. Bet it's a hot flash."

He went on to provide a helpful description of a hot flash so the woman would recognize it. It's nice that Old Guy #2 is so knowledgeable about women's health, but he seems to have missed the seminar about not upsetting women whose hormones may be causing violent mood swings.

The woman was speechless and merely sputtered while Miss Information shooed Old Guy #2 away before there was bloodshed.

Some days are hard and annoying but every now and then there's a moment of pure entertainment.


At 3:08 AM, Blogger Murr Brewster said...

Oh lord. She should have come back with something about weak bladder control in older men.


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