Saturday, September 18, 2010

This is the reason why

Lots of people ask Miss Information why she still works at the library when it seems to annoy her so much. Well, the library has a lot going for it. First there isn't too much danger of developing black lung disease. Second, the people who work in libraries are great. They are all eccentric and weird. Some of them have more cats than you do. They are all funny and cranky, sometimes simultaneously. Occasionally someone slips in who doesn't fit the profile, but it's like being kidnapped--you have to become Tania to survive. Eventually they all cave.

But here's the real reason. Miss Information has a new job (loves it!) at a big branch (terrifying!) Anyway, the new branch is complicated. It has an elaborate security system. The only way to return books is to use the book drops which are just outside the door. If you happen to be a stranger who usually uses another branch, you might not know about the book drops. Also if you are a stranger from another branch you may need to return materials that you signed out at your usual branch. Most likely your usual branch does not have a compatible security system. So, you wander into the library to return your books. When you ask a staff member, they tell you that you have to go back outside to the book drop. As you exit the library, the books you are trying to return set off the elaborate security system. At this point the security guards prevent you from leaving.

So, you can't leave the library to return your books and you can't return your books inside the library. You are now a prisoner. And that is why Miss Information keeps on working at the library. It is because she is trapped here. Send help.


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And this is illogical? It follows standard library logic. Book drops are always outside ... open when the library is close, no wait, in my branch open when the library is open and closed when the library is closed. What's yer problem ;)

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