Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Miss Information is annoyed by the boys of summer

It’s summer. When she was a girl, Miss Information loved summer. The days seemed endless. Now that she’s grown up and working at the library she associates summer with chaos, mayhem and screaming babies. The days still seem endless, though. Miss Information is trying not to complain because it is a thousand times worse in the children’s department. The adult department mostly just gets the run-off children.

Speaking of the run-off children, there goes one now. A boy of about 8 sprints past the reference desk. Then another. Then a third. Miss Information begins to suspect that something is going on. She goes after them and tracks them down—some of them are running; others are crawling under study tables. She reminds them that running is really more of an outdoorsy thing while the library is more of an indoorsy thing. They barely glance up as they tear past her.

Too bad for them another staff member is lying in wait. She wants to know why they are playing Hide and Seek in the library. They deny that they are doing any such thing. Hide and Seek is for losers. They’re playing Manhunt. Since those details aren’t really important the boys are escorted out.

Miss Information has a brief moment of sadness. Manhunt sounds like such fun and they didn’t even ask her to play. She’d be really good at it too. After all, she did manage to hunt them down. At least for tonight she decides she is Manhunt champion.

The score for today is:
Miss Information: 1
Boys: 0


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