Thursday, June 12, 2014

Miss Information is finding it all terribly funny

Miss Information was walking through the mall to get to work. It's been under construction forever but she notices that the clothing store is back in its usual spot and has a new sign. She may not have noticed the old sign because the new version strikes her as hysterically funny today. 

The shop is apparently called "Mario's for Men" and that's great. It's the subtitle that gets Miss Information snickering. Underneath Mario's for Men, the sign clarifies: Clothing for Ladies and Men. Miss Information wonders why, when they ordered the new sign they didn't drop the "for Men" part of the main sign but she walks past their window display and realizes that perhaps the shop employees don't really understand signs--at least not in the way that she does.

The window display has a nice Father's Day sign--"I Love You, Daddy!" It's very sweet. Everything else in the display is handbags--clearly women's handbags. Miss Information grew up fatherless, so the subtleties of the holiday may have escaped her. 

At work, there's a lot of excitement about an upcoming film screening and Miss Information is adding a woman and her plus one to the registration list. 

"Oh, my goodness," the woman exclaims. "I didn't notice this. It says it may not be suitable for young children!"

Miss Information says that yes, it is in fact a PG film. Was the woman's plus one a child?

"Yes, it's my daughter! Do you think it will be ok to bring her? She's 26."

Miss Information manages to suppress her howls of laughter long enough to assure the woman that the film will not be harmful to her adult daughter. She spends the rest of her shift with her head under the desk so no one will hear her giggling.

So far this has week has been pretty awesome.


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