Friday, May 09, 2014

Miss Information is annoyed on Friday

One patron wanted a book called The Explosive Child about parenting children who are "easily frustrated". The book was not in the library now, though Miss Information offered to place a hold for the woman. The patron, no big surprise, became frustrated. She complained that a big library like this should have the book she wanted. Why did she have to wait? She did agree to have Miss Information place a request for her but complained that the library had the wrong email address on file. Why did the library have that email? It wasn't the best way to get in touch with her at all! Stupid library. Miss Information corrected the information and bid farewell to the woman and made plans to write a book called The Explosive Library Patron.
Another annoyed person was using the Internet. Her phone rang several times. Each time, the woman answered and snarled at the caller, angrily announcing that she couldn't talk because she was in the library! No! She didn't know when she could call back because she's in the library!

The woman managed to be disruptive by not taking a phone call. Miss Information was left to wonder why, after the first call, the woman hadn't turned her phone off. People know they can do that, right?


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