Saturday, November 13, 2010

Miss Information is perplexed by a computer message

Miss Information is having a quiet night at the desk. She suddenly noticed an error message on one of the nearby Internet terminals. She went to clear it, thinking this would be an easy task.

This is what the error message said: “There has been no activity on this computer for 5 minutes. To continue, acknowledge this message within 30 seconds. Yes. No.”

Miss Information was stumped. There was no question so how could there be an answer? Yet the computer clearly wanted an answer. What to do? She wanted to log the computer off. Was that a “no” or a “yes”? She almost pressed the no button but realized that if she did that it would just acknowledge the message the same as pressing yes? As far as Miss Information could tell, there was no possible way to log off the computer.

Fortunately, she stood staring blankly at the computer for 30 seconds so it went ahead and logged itself off.

Miss Information now understands why the customers are so cranky all the time.


At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always hope for a "This Computer Will Self Destruct in 5 minutes" message. I'd just sit back and let 'em go.


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